The best Investment on the Earth is the Earth

Andy Harr, BROKER, AUCTIONEER, OWNER of Total Auctions and Real Estate



Brad Swenson, broker associate and owner of Total Auctions & Real Estate



Jason Bormann, BROKER ASSOCIATE, OWNER of Total Auctions & Real Estate



The Best Investment On The Earth Is The Earth!
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The right Choice

What's Farmland or Ranchland Going to Do?

We’d be richer than Warren Buffet if we had a $1.00 for every-time someone asked us that question.

We have farmers and ranchers ask us that question even if they aren’t selling or buying land. We can’t predict what land prices are going to do, but neither can anyone else. At Total Auctions and Real Estate what we do is help land sellers find buyers through auction or private treaty, and we help buyers find land.

We are able to provide timely information and market comparisons to help sellers and buyers make a better decision. Two things separate us from other land auction companies. First, We know a lot of farmers, ranchers and investors. This allows us to reach out to people we know who have already told us they want to buy either to expand their operation or for investment purposes. Second, Andy Harr & Brad Swenson both take the time to sit down with you and hear what you’re thinking. It’s OK if you’re not ready to sell now. Maybe you’re just interested in knowing what your land is worth? We have a lot of land owners that want to sell by private treaty, because they don’t want to have a big auction. We sell a lot of land by private treaty.

We recommend you give us a call at 605-274-6500. We’ll sit down with you and let you ask us questions.